Hardware, software and other things I use


  • work: Macbook Pro 15” (2017) (500GB SSD, 16GB RAM, i7, Radeon Pro 560 4GB): I’d personally never spend so much money on a laptop but have been privileged to get one from work.
  • private: ThinkPad T440s (280GB SSD, 12GB RAM, i5, no dedicated GPU): nice 14” laptop I bought end of 2014 with a student discount. Still going very strong!
  • external keyboards
    • when working on the Mac: Microsoft Sculpt
    • when working on the Thinkpad: usually I work on the laptop keyboard but I also purchased the external version a couple of months ago because it’s just excellent.
  • noise-cancelling headphones: Bose QuietComfort 35

Operating system

MacOS for the Macbook (obviously) and Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS) for my private work. I’m lost on a Windows machine.

Programming languages

  • R: for quickly trying out all sorts of stuff, scripting small things, data analysis / processing, building small dashboards with Shiny. R was my first programming language and I still love it for its simplicity and its amazing community. ❤️
  • Python: my go-to language for developing software (where R has many shortcomings imo), e.g. REST-APIs, cloud-native applications, etc. Sometimes also for scripting because there’s usually a Python SDK but rarely a R one.
  • nodejs: For some cloud-native stuff, e.g. Lambda functions. I haven’t developed much with it but I really want to learn it more because Javascript is such a versatile language.


  • docker: first rule: always dockerize.
  • git: second rule: always create a GitLab / GitHub repo. Even if 90% of projects will be abandoned.
  • markdown: third rule: if possible, write markdown.
  • bash: still haven’t come around to try out one of the fancier solutions
  • pgp / gpg: for signing GitLab / GitHub commits and Email encryption

Software / IDEs / editors

  • terminal on MacOS: iTerm -> love it!
  • VSCode: most versatile text editor imho.
  • RStudio: for R stuff. the interactivity is just gold.
  • browser: Firefox and occassionally Chrome.