How to use R to remove audiobooks from your Spotify liked songs

Looking for the code? You can find it in this GitLab Repo! I’m not a good Spotify citizen: I can listen to the same Spotify-curated “This is..” artist playlist for weeks and I rarely venture out to discover new music. And because I’m too lazy to curate and maintain my own playlists, I often lose track of songs / artists I enjoyed listening to at some point. So I was over the moon when I realized a couple of weeks ago that there was a “Liked Songs” playlist1 that I could “fill” by simply “hearting” a song. [Read More]

Automate the boring stuff of your amateur photographer life

Recently, I went on holidays to the Vosges mountains in northeastern France. While one or two days were definitely too rainy to take electronics outside, I was able to take some pics with my Micro-Four-Thirds (MFT) camera of the beautiful autumn landscape, of our family dog (Team #rdogs!) and of the many, many fly agarics. Back home and with a free weekend all to myself, I ventured to sort the photos and sent the best ones to my family + friends who were with me on the trip. [Read More]

Migrating a Hugo + Netlify blog from GitHub to GitLab

or: What does the fox say?

(If you only want to read how to migrate, click here) First TIL of this blog post: the GitLab logo - - is AcTuAlLy not a fox but a tanuki - a Japanese racoon dog: Cute, right? 😍 Well, anyway, to the content: Last week, I participated in a hackathon organized by CorrelAid. It was a great event on so many levels - organization, data, people, location - but one of them was definitely that we used GitLab for the project. [Read More]

My old R scripts: 1. Einfuhrung in R (R Code) (1).r

In my first post, I introduced you to the two main ideas I have for this blog. One of which is to dig up some old R scripts on my laptop and go through them, reflecting on what was difficult for me back then and how I tried to overcome my difficulties. If you want to know more about why I am doing this, feel free to check out the old post. [Read More]

curl vs RCurl or: how to choose a package

The text message Today’s text message is from my good friend Pablo. Pablo is currently in the last months of his PhD in Survey Research at the University of Salamanca, Spain. I know him from my Erasmus year at the University of Essex where we were flatmates and both took classes in survey research. Originally a SPSS / Stata guy, he has been using R more and more over the last few years and I’ve been his personal “R guru”. [Read More]

Introducing this blog

On Friday, I posted this on my Twitter: Speaking of #rstats: For every 5 likes of this tweet, I'll publish one of my earliest #rstats scripts (2012-2013) in a public github gist and will try to review what was going on in my mind. I'll do one regardless of likes but just to see whether this is interesting to folks. — Frie (@ameisen_strasse) May 17, 2019 It kind of escalated quickly, so as of writing this, I have at least four five old R scripts to upload and discuss. [Read More]